Our Heritage

The Roots Beyond Lean to Greater Value

Enna’s approach is the only method in the world exclusively endorsed by Mr. Hitoshi Yamada, the chosen successor of Taiichi Ohno, the man who is often called…

The Father of Modern Manufacturing

With this trained heritage, our applied wisdom is in a class above anyone in the world. The Ohno Method has long been the envy of organizations in all industries. Many have claimed to know the secret recipe. However, only we have the training, application, endorsement, and results.

Ohno Outgrows Toyota

Soon after he reveals the Toyota Production System to the world, Taiichi Ohno resigns from Toyota. Ohno declares that his Just-in-Time principles still need to be perfected. In order to perfect Just-in-Time, Ohno keeps experimenting along with Hitoshi Yamada, whom Ohno started mentoring while at Toyota. They establish a partnership, and Yamada takes Ohno’s methods to the next level so the entire world can benefit from Ohno's lessons and realize Ohno’s vision.

Ohno Endorses Yamada

Ohno fully endorses Yamada’s approach to developing superior organizational culture and perfecting Ohno’s vision of Respect for People. Yamada’s TPS manual holds the only strategy officially approved by Ohno himself as an accurate continuation of his work. Ohno passes away the same year. In the years that follow, Yamada continues to evolve TPS based on Ohno’s vision and redefines various TPS methods, making them applicable to all organizations regardless of industry.

Collin Establishes Enna

Collin McLoughlin establishes Enna Publishing (now, imprint of Informa, Routledge Publishing Group). In the years that follow, Collin authors over 700 books, training materials, and subject lesson videos on management, efficiency, and productivity. He is the industry's most published expert and author.

Jun Nakamuro Joins Enna

Jun joins Enna Publishing as Director of its Best Practice Study Mission to Japan. During this time, he is given the opportunity to translate the secret manuscripts of the late pioneer Dr. Shigeo Shingo that were previously unpublished in English with some still unpublished.

Enna Discovers the Ohno Method

Collin and Jun seek unique leadership knowledge and discover Taiichi Ohno's evolution of TPS beyond Toyota. Enna publishes "Forging a Kaizen Culture" by Hitoshi Yamada, the only person Ohno ever endorsed to carry on his legacy to industry for organizational sustainability.

Directorships Formalized

Collin and Jun begin partnering with businesses wanting organizational transformations. They take interim executive positions to design and direct their IP methods. They directly lead all aspects of business to accelerate and install more profitable business models.

Yamada Endorses Enna

After years of training, Yamada endorses Jun and Enna to bring Ohno’s method to the world. He approves Jun to carry Ohno’s legacy forward and share this unique methodology not known to the business world.

Enna Publishing Sold

Collin sells Enna Publishing to the largest business publisher, The Informa Group, owners of Productivity Press, CRC Press, and Routledge Publishing. Enna Publishing is now an imprint of the Informa Publishing Group. Collin partners with Toshihiko Miura, the director of Yamada's training company, to publish the first cohesive book of true TPS methodologies entitled "True Kaizen: Management’s Role in Improving Work Climate and Culture."

Enna Capital Established

Collin and Jun form a new partnership, under brand name of Enna, to syndicate partnerships with private equity and family owned businesses to foster deep organizational change that releases exceptional growth and profitability for their partners.

Our Mission

Enna’s methodology is the only one in the world exclusively endorsed by Mr. Hitoshi Yamada, the chosen protégé of Taiichi Ohno, the father of modern manufacturing. Our mission is to bring our IP and technology to the middle market.  We install our proprietary IP and technologies to automate the management of business, shorten investment cycles, increase growth and profit so we may contribute more to the communities we serve.

Highest Integity; World Experts

Our founding partners are internationally awarded and recognized as leaders.  Awarded the Shingo Publication Prize recognized as “elite, world-class, and leading the world in enterprise excellence”.  We rapidly increase the value of businesses.  We look forward to creating more value together.

Mindset, self-Management Process, and Technology

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