Our Solutions

Investment Banking

We work with investment bankers who want to add additional value as a partner to their clientele by partnering with us to increase the value of the business to be sold.

Private Equity

We work with partners who know they can do more but lack a partner to help them achieve their goals. If you have revenues of 50 million or more or add-ons that you want to incorporate we are your best choice.

Corporate Owners

Enna’s long list of successful clients includes organizations from various manufacturing industries all the way to service industries including healthcare, retail, sales, education, marketing, and more.

Assessment Diagnostic

We evaluate the entire business model through all layers of management and processes. Our depth of multi-industry experience provides a level of insight that no one else is capable of offering.

Japan Study Mission

We design best practice tours founded on Taiichi Ohno's MPT Model - the next advancement beyond the Toyota Production System. You gain the skills and leadership methods that will further unlock your organizational sustainability, creativity, and engagement.

IP & Technology Transformation

We offer integrated digital solutions to power organizational transformation and release value. Normal use of technology increases costs and the organization loses its agility; we do the opposite.

Make A Difference With Enna