Assessment Diagnostic

We offer a 3-4 day assessment service.  This is a great entry point to our services and value we can provide.

Businesses are complex entities, and assessing their potential can be a complicated task. Through our decades of experience leading organizational renewal, we can sort through complexity and determine a company’s true potential and what they need to get there.

We evaluate the entire business model through all layers of management and processes. Our depth of multi-industry experience provides a level of insight that no one else can offer.


“Creating an organizational culture that is able to change and adapt is more important than having an abundance of resources. An organization’s strength is built upon this adaptable culture.”

-Hitoshi Yamada

3-4 Day Assessment Diagnostic

Our wealth of industrial expertise gives us the ability to read a company fast and determine what is needed to reach its true potential.

Benchmark Report

Business Model Potential

Management Changes Needed

Transformation Roadmap

Vision, Opportunity, and Action

  • Set the Vision
  • Opportunity Highlighted
  • Establish Roadmap

Although there is no substitute for a great idea and a great opportunity, these will not be enough to ensure the success of your investments. Without the right leadership, methodology, and cultivating the culture your investment cannot realize its true value.

Investors often underestimate the significance of business methodology when assessing a potential acquisition. But this is a key ingredient that will have a huge effect on the ultimate value of your investments.

While there is no on-size-fits-all approach to organizational renewal and reform, there are key indicators that we use to assess the future value of acquisitions. This pattern of successful operations is not always easy to see, and we have the insight to show you what others can’t.

Even with a great founder, a great product, and a great opportunity in the market, a business will be merely “good” if they don’t also have a great foundation to operate from. Many companies just need the right guidance to go from merely good to truly great.

We have provide an overview of our Assessment Diagnostic

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