Investment Banking

We partner with investment bankers to increase the value of their clients’ businesses and attract more buyers.

Leverage our high-market methodology, IP, and native technologies for your middle-market clientele.  We transform everything rapidly and install native technologies, showcasing a more attractive and sustainable business for the next owners.


“Increase your value as an investment banker by partnering with Enna to cultivate higher sale and purchase prices through the application of large market IP and technology” – Jun Nakamuro

Areas of Value

Let us add strategic value for you and your clients’ businesses.

Maximum Price Guidance

Most owners come to you with a price in mind. Our partnership will allow you to provide a solution to exceed their expectations and your capital connections.

Pre-preparation for Sale

We install superior mechanisms, methods, and native technologies that lower costs and increase your client's EBITDA.

Marketing Through Operational Value

Creating true value is the ultimate way to promote a business. We change performance and information technologies so the business's operations and EBITDA add up to higher valuations.

Strategic Sustainable Value

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  • w/Enna

We ensure your deals achieve greater value. Clients need the right composition of organizational reform to impress buyers. We install the right mindset, new self-management processes, and proprietary native technologies delivering higher sale values and post-sale sustainability for the buyer.

Cultivating Untapped Value

Our technology changes the very fabric of organizations’ DNA, from the human talent to the information systems used. Over the years, we have refined our unique intellectual capital to achieve superior results.

Many businesses, large and small, have a huge source of great ideas that can help them improve, innovate, and grow.  Yet, so many of these companies never develop the rationale to allow for creativity and innovation to reach their full potential. With help from the greatest minds in industry, we have developed and redesigned the very foundation of businesses.

Concensus of Mindset

With the right mindset as individuals and as an organization, full potential can be attained. This mindset establishes the alignment of individuals to departments, departments to functions, and functions to the organizational goals.

Self-Management Processes

The organization must be sustainable at the individual level. Everyone needs the right framework to make decisions without escalation. People wants to be independent, even in an interdependent system. This means we must align their mindset to goals, ensuring that all layers of the organization are autonomous.

Information Technology

Leaders must understand technology. Technology is an amplification of a great mindset and management processes. This synthesis allows for appropriate and meaningful development of technology to be applied immediately and without downtime or integration pains for the business.

Superior Operating Ecosystem

Creating products that customers need, when they need them, and in the quantities they expect, is the primary technical goal of the management systems we provide to our portfolio of partners. This keeps things as cost-effective as possible for everyone.

Automate Management

The biggest bottleneck is the burden of daily management. We systemize this to take layers of costs and layers of stagnation away from the business model.

Align Sales and Production

Through integration of information systems, development of people, and dependability of manufacturing processes we breakdown barriers to communication. This engages staff, develops cross-functional teams, and drives the passion for true customer satisfaction.

Internalize Information Technology

Innovation needs to be self driven. We have the knowledge and skills to morph technology to leverage and change over time with the organization. This allows the organization internalize development and therefore gain more control over its' costs while lowering dependency on external suppliers.

Cultivate People

This allows us to make sure we develop people who are agile like an athlete - organization wide.

Directional Value for Internal/External Customers

Engagement is defined by the ability to be awarded for good service. This is how we see value, and we develop the organization to have internal and external customers. If we are providing good service to our internal customers, we can also do this for our external/final customers.

Grow Appreciation = More Profitability

We focus on increasing the depth of people's skills as well as their breadth of capabilities. This means we have more profit at each stage of business while having fewer stages, shifting the profit curve up.

Make A Difference With Enna