Will Homel

Will Homel

Will Homel

Project Manager

Will works with Enna to help organizations around the world develop their work culture and business practices based on their unique needs and market conditions. He coordinates projects related to education and training of key staff related to the partnerships that Enna has within Industry.  Will leverages his wide range of experience in both arts and industry to lead IP and visual management projects that connect mindset, management processes, and technology.  He is also responsible for projects related to information system design and interfacing with employees to electronic dashboards for senior managers.

Education & Training

  • Tokyo Film Center School of Arts
    Film and Video Production
  • Japanese Language Certification
    Achievement of JLPT Level II
  • BA, Theatre Arts, WWU, Bellingham, USA
    Theatrical Management

Areas of Expertise

  • Japanese Language
  • Project Management
  • Programming Management
  • Digital Media Products
  • Live Event Coordination

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1602 Carolina Street, Unit B3, Bellingham, WA USA

Office Hours

  • Monday to Friday 8.00am - 5.30pm

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