Needed to design a new information system to support a new on-demand customer ordering system

E-commerce platform was needed for sales to capture market demand and provide quicker response to customer requests and visibility to factories

New strategic plan was required to formulate effective sales and marketing methods while decreasing the cost of manufacturing and sales administration

Needed to increase product mix within various plants


AgSolutions started its transformation by enacting comprehensive production planning changes which enabled rapid flow and process optimizations. Furthermore, we implemented a visual product dispatch planning system to create a response based production system. As a result, new sharing of information was needed. We formed new teams of people and new informational displays to meet the sales needs. These facilitated proper forecasting of customer demands and improved production capacity.

We also developed for AgSolutions their own custom ERP (enterprise resource planning software). This comprehensive application was developed in less than 1 month thanks to our proprietary IP.  This development incorporate older systems and other department software to maintain information flow and increase response times at all levels of the organization.

Finally, we developed and implemented custom CRM (customer relationship management) software for their sales department along with corporate dashboards for real-time analysis of the organization’s, sales, production, financial performance, and investments.


AgSolutions achieved focused all-inclusive change for their business. Lead-time decreased dramatically from 3 months to a single day for most products, and the previous 12 weeks worth of inventory was refined into just 6 days worth of inventory.

With our guidance, each plant was transformed from producing 8 batches per day up to 70 batches per day. This was the result of improving the milling plants’ quality, rising 40% higher than original engineering specifications. The various plants’ capacity increased 158% while halving batch sizes concurrently.

Overall, factory capacity increased 158%, with sales increasing 161% in just 6 months. AgSolutions now enjoys the alignment of its leaders and its owners. We have recently designed a new green field site due to our success and market demand for more of AgSolutions’ products, which provide beef weight gain, field growth, and nutrient gain so farmers can provide superior nutrition to the communities they serve.

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