Industrial machinery made high mix of products difficult

More effective coordination with departments, WIP, and raw materials was needed

Engineering lead-times for products needed to be reduced

Synchronization between sales, engineering, and production was needed to better serve customer needs


To begin, we implemented visual production planning and started planning the capacity between the production and sales departments. SMED was introduced in order to lower machine setup times, thus allowing IMSA to achieve higher product mixes. From there, we developed and implemented electronic production planning and devised self-management systems to help the frontline staff make important operative decisions. This technology enabled IMSA to streamline all departments, including; Production, HR, Purchasing, Engineering, Maintenance, Laboratory, Sales, and Field Sales Engineers.


With an amazing turnaround, IMSA’s manufacturing-shipping lead-time was reduced by 88%. All works-in-process consisting of copper, aluminum, and PVC were reduced by XX million USD in working capital.

In the Finished Goods Warehouse an increase in product mix is also evident. Products available for sale “SKUs” increased 19 times. This was achieved with no implementation of information systems, no new warehouses, no new personnel, and no new equipment.

Enna designed, developed, and implemented IMSA’s own customized ERP software to incorporate quoting, HR, quality, engineering, internal logistics information systems, and sales.  Today, IMSA is the number one producer of electrical cables and magnet wires in their industry.

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