Seattle Children’s


Opportunity to tap front staff to complete and anticipate their tasks

Clinical pathway projects needed to be shortend to match needs of patients

Physician rounding process was taking too long causing medical costs to increase

Operating room utilization rates were low

More physician engagement was needed at all times


To positively affect the entire organization we determined that physician engagement was the tipping point for Seattle Children’s. Given that this was an active community and specialized hospital, we knew that taking physicians and staff outside of their environment was key to success.  We also observed that management of areas, facilities, operating rooms, and overall care between experts was the main issue for the hospital.  Therefore, we custom designed a benchmarking tour to Enna’s best companies so that Seattle Children’s doctors, nurses, and administration could learn how to lead and install innovation into its operations.

Enna brought senior managers and approximately 250+ medical professionals to be immersed in key businesses and mentor with key leaders at various world-class organizations. This provided the backbone to incorporate necessary changes inside each department within Seattle Children’s Hospital. We also designed unique morale exercises for these clients inside the hospital setting to inspire and empower them. We were able to deploy new project management methods and technology, implement a new operating room management system, and design a layered approach to quality assurance.

For the surgery center, we designed and implemented a successful visual surgery scheduling system for 3-month intervals of allocations for each surgery room across the needs of 16 medical disciplines.


At Seattle Children’s, the implementation of our model fostered strong leadership and commitment.  This developed from the medical staff in a very short time, broke down barriers of communication, and brought disciplines together. From their training and mentoring, these professionals became highly engaged in providing more value to their patient and greatly exceeded industry care standards.

Project lead-time was reduced by 40% and the daily medical rounding time was reduced by half.  The hospital increased its speeds of medical rounding while improving the quality of care.  Finally, the emergency room benefits exceeded all facility engineered volume and response times.  Seattle Children’s and our work with them is regarded as revolutionary and a global standard for the medical industry.

Seattle Children’s is regarded as one of the best hospitals in the world due to their industry leading sustainability, cost reductions, and quality of care.

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