Collin R. McLoughlin

Collin R. McLoughlin

Collin R. McLoughlin


Collin is internationally awarded and recognized as an industrial leader. He has been awarded the International Shingo Publication Prize as “elite, world-class, and leading the world in enterprise excellence”.  He co-founded Enna Capital Partners to bring superior native applications of IP and technology to businesses that desire to break free of industrial norms.

Specifically Collin is looking to partner with private businesses, family offices, equity funds, investment banks, and sovereign funds as their operational partner.  He will utilize proprietary IP and technologies to augment operational leaders and automate management rapidly accelerating quality, growth and profits. He looks to partner with, the few, and change the very fabric of what is possible.

Collin’s partners are leaders in their industries:
ATOMIC, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Carl Zeiss, Mars, Schott Glass, BFG International, Harvard Medical, Dole, TAL Apparel, and Canon just to highlight a few.

• Director and Senior Executive full P&L responsibility.
• Founded, grew, and sold Enna’s publishing business, acquired by Informa (Routledge) Group.
• Expert of organizational redesign multiple locations throughout N. America, Europe,
America, Asia, and Oceania.
• Native IP, technologies, and methodologies to automate management.
• Shingo Institute awarded author, frames the basis to proprietary IP, entitled “True Kaizen”


  • Post-Graduate, Master Black Belt, Fulton Schools of Engineering, Arizona State University, USA
    Statistical Quantitative Analysis, Applied Statistics, and Quantitative Design of Experiments
  • Post-Graduate, Black Belt, Fulton School of Engineering, Arizona State University, USA
    Linear Regression Design and Analysis and Multiple Regression Design
  • MBA, Warwick Business School, Operations Strategy, England.
    Strategy, Organizational Behaviour, and Operations Strategy.
  • BBA, Honors, Trinity Western University, Langley, Canada
    Honors in Finance

Areas of Expertise

  • Increasing Profit and Cash
  • Architecture of Business Re-Design
  • Applied Change Expert
  • Turnaround Partner

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1602 Carolina Street, Unit B3, Bellingham, WA USA

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  • Monday to Friday 8.00am - 5.30pm

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